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ICBC has made major changes that took effect April 1 2019, to significantly improve access to treatment for people involved in MVA related accidents. This new coverage will relate to all new and existing ICBC claims. This means anyone with an open claim approved prior to April 1 2019 will benefit from these changes after April 1 2019 on any remaining treatments before their claim end date.


  1. ICBC will NOT pay for any amounts above the new approved treatment limits. If longer treatments are requested the extra treatment fees will be at your expense and will NOT be reimbursed by ICBC as part of your settlement. This will mean that the patient is responsible for paying the remaining balance, which they may submit to their private health insurer for consideration of coverage.
  2. ICBC Claims only allow for one Initial Assessment during the term of the claim.
  3. ICBC allows only one treatment claim per day per therapy type. Multiple Standard Treatments for one therapy cannot be combined on the same day to allow for longer treatments. In other words you can’t book two Standard Registered Massage Therapy treatments on the same day in order to get a 60 minute treatment.
  4. If MVA date occurred prior to April 1 2019 the total allowable treatments under the claim will not change. (see below for old treatment amounts by therapy)
  5. ICBC does not pay for treatment No Shows or Late Cancellations. It is the patients responsibility to pay these amounts as we have reserved the treatment time specifically for you. We reserve the right to cancel all future treatments until the full amount owing is paid.

It’s important to note that our ICBC direct billing service is a courtesy service and not a guarantee that all direct billings will be approved or paid by ICBC. It remains the patients responsibility to pay for all unpaid treatments by ICBC should direct billing problems occur. Patients will be able to collect these payments directly from their ICBC adjuster.

To get started with your massage therapy sessions, we will require the following:

  • a) Your legal First and Last Name
  • b) Your date of birth
  • c) Your ICBC Insurance Claim number
  • d) MVA Date
  • e) Contact information for your Customer Claims Specialist (adjuster) to confirm treatment

Our goal is to get your treatments started within a few days of your accident since this helps improve your recovery time. *Please note that approval depends on the speed at which your ICBC Customer Claims Specialist (adjuster) responds to the request and may take longer than 72 hours.

The following treatment limits are pre-approved once you have your claim number. These treatments must occur within 12 weeks of your accident date. After 12 weeks any new or unused treatments will require approval from your ICBC Customer Claims Specialist (adjuster).

MVA after April 1 2019 MVA before April 1 2019
Massage Therapy 12 Treatments 12 Treatments


Effective April 1, 2019, the provincial government updated the treatment fees that ICBC will cover for care and treatment after a crash. This has been outlined in the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and is highlighted in the table below.

Fee table
Initial visit* $107.00 (billable once)
Standard treatment $80.00 per treatment
Pre-authorized number of treatments 12 (within 12 weeks of the accident causing the injury)

These fees apply to all treatments administered on or after April 1, 2019, regardless of the date of the accident that caused the injury

*The initial visit fee includes the assessment and treatment provided that day. A standard visit is not to be charged for the date the initial visit took place.

On your first visit your massage therapist will assess your condition. If you haven’t already done so, we may refer you to a Medical Doctor for further diagnosis if deemed necessary. It is important to understand that unaddressed soft tissue injuries can significantly reduce the quality of your life.

As long as your accident claim is approved, ICBC will cover your treatment costs for the first 12 appointments within 12 weeks after your motor vehicle accident. It’s important to remember that everyone’s recovery from automobile accident injuries is different and you may find additional treatments are required after 12 weeks.

If further treatments are required our receptionist will contact your Customer Claims Specialist (adjuster) to seek approval for additional treatments. Approval is dependant upon a legitimate need for additional treatments that will be determined by your therapist and your Customer Claims Specialist (adjuster).

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